Last Updated: 9/29/2020 10:07 PM

Educational Philosophy

Since its founding, CCSP has been faithful to its mission and has built a school based on a number of central tenets outlined in our original charter.  As stated in CCSP’s original charter, our philosophy is premised on the simple notion that if we can succeed in assisting children to be inspired at a young age, they are more likely to be excited about learning.  We believe that all children have tremendous potential to learn, and that students learn best when they are in a caring, supportive community of learners where their academic needs, social-emotional needs, health needs and family needs are addressed.  We work with our students to master The New Jersey Student Learning Standards so that they can compete for the college or career of their choice in a 21st Century, globally-competitive environment. 

CCSP’s most important goal is ensuring high student achievement by providing a world-class, rigorous and engaging education to our students.  It is also essential that we create and nurture a learning environment where students remain connected to their community and where the school is seen as a community asset.  To achieve this, CCSP is faithful to its core design elements while consistently implementing innovations that increase student achievement. 

There are four central key design elements, all of which support our overarching objective of promoting student achievement:  (1) Full-Service Community School; (2) Instructional Rigor and Intensive Student Support; (3) Continuous Professional Development and Teacher Support; and (4) Data Driven Instruction.