• CCSP Curriculum Development and Renewal Process

    Curriculum at CCSP is the road map for all learning. It is the curriculum that ensures student learning standards are mastered effectively and efficiently across all subject areas. Our CCSP curriculum template, approved by the CCSP Board of Trustees, meets all of the requirements of the New Jersey Department of Education.  Curriculum is designed using an integrated approach, whole child approach by incorporating elements of the renown Universal Learning Design:

    • New Jersey Student Learning Standards
    • Essential Questions
    • Enduring Understandings
    • 21st Century and Life Literacy Skills
    • Benchmark Assessments
    • Differentiation for Special Needs Learners
    • Opportunities for Acceleration and Enrichment
    • Weekly Targeted Instructional Learning Plans

    At CCSP, Curriculum and Instruction Department Supervisors work closely with teachers, as well as outside consultants to continuously write and revise curriculum ensuring alignment in three areas:

     curriculum ensuring alignment

    An essential component of curriculum development is the program and materials selection. The committee selection process enlists CCSP staff members and supervisors to ensure our staff members’ expertise is an essential determining factor for program and material selection.

    Instructional Program Review Process