Math instruction at CCSP utilizes the program, Into Math. This unique program delivers a learning experience that keeps students on every level engaged in their learning while building skills and knowledge necessary for their growth in mathematical thinking and practice. 

    From embedded growth mindset tasks and explicit social-emotional instruction that support students in building critical thinking skills, to independent learning activities that encourage productive perseverance, Into Math transforms fear into mathematics enthusiasm.

    The Learning Arc 
    The design of the learning arc demands building a foundation Learning Arch of conceptual understanding before teaching procedures.  Opportunities for application are found throughout, and an emphasis is placed on connections between concepts and skills.

     The Lesson Design 
    Every lesson begins with rigor right  from the start. The Learning Design Independent learning tasks encourage students
    to practice productive perseverance by jumping 
    into a new challenge
    or working collaboratively to solve problems while teachers guide and differentiate instruction.  


    For more information check out: https://www.hmhco.com/programs/into-math.


    CCSP is implementing Amplify Science, an engaging curriculum for grades 4–8 for the year 2020-21. Amplify Science is the result of a collaboration between the science education experts at University of California, Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS) and Amplify. The team of science, math, engineering, and literacy experts at LHS developed the content of the program, while Amplify’s team of designers and engineers developed the tools and components that bring the lessons to life for students. 

    This program shifts science teaching from fact-based learning that requires memorization to having students actively investigate and figure out real-world problems as reflected in the Next Generation Science Standards. 


    A Shift in Science teaching and learning.

    Prior Standards                                                                                   Next Generation Science Standards

    Learning About

    Figuring it out

    Memorizing a list of definitions

    How ideas fit together. i.e.,”Phenomena”. A network of knowledge that builds over time.

    Simple Explanations

    How ideas fit together. i.e.,”Phenomena”. A network of knowledge that builds over time.

    Knowing that...

    Understanding why or how

    Amplify Science, a phenomenon driven core curriculum integrates the latest best practices in science teaching and learning. Students will have numerous opportunities to use hands-on materials, engage with readings, develop evidence-based scientific written arguments, and explore digital applications.

    Phenomena-based approach

     To access more information, please visit:  https://amplify.com/amplify-science-family-resource-intro/.


    In addition to Next Generation Standards-based science instruction, middle school student course work is inclusive of a STEM course to promote mastery of science and engineering practices. 

    In this course, students will work collaboratively to apply the specific steps of the engineering process.  Through the application of math, technology and science and engineering practices, students will brainstorm new ideas, apply science and math concepts, and test prototypes as they develop innovative solutions aimed to solve potential or current real-world problems.

    Integrated project-based learning will provide our students with the skill set identified by colleges and career work forces to be in high demand. The design and engineering skill set will open new doors for our students both academically and professionally, and will empower students to be the creators and innovators improving their lives, and the lives of others.