• Intervention 

    CCSP Reading Intervention Program utilizes the Wilson Language System, a multi-tiered, researched-based approach with proven success. 

    Tier 1

    CCSP Kindergarten through Third Grade Classroom Teachers, including both general and special education teachers, receive specialized training in the Wilson Language System. As part of daily instruction, students participate in daily multisensory word work and phonemic awareness activities proven to result in significant growth in reading fluency.  Students not making adequate progress will be advanced to Tier 2 for more intensive instruction.

    Tier 2

    CCSP Interventionists analyze data to identify students below grade level in reading decoding and fluency. Students receive additional, small group reading instruction following a trajectory from phonemes to syllabication. In grades Kindergarten through third grades, the instruction is closely aligned to support daily classroom lessons in Wilson Fundations. In grades four through eight, Intervention lessons reteach the foundations of language essential for successful independent reading success. The scope of the middle school Tier 2 program typically takes 1 to one and half years to complete. Students not making adequate progress will be advanced to Tier 3 for more intensive instruction.

    Tier 3

    At Tier 3, Wilson Language Instruction becomes more frequent and incense. Group sizes are smaller, so that lessons can be more individualized. Multisensory instruction is designed based on the students predetermined entry point (or area of difficulty), ensuring the most tailored reading intervention for students in need of the most support.