• Gifted and Accelerated Learning Opportunities

     At CCSP we believe that every child has unique and special gifts and talents. Our jobs as educators is to foster an environment that enables each child to cultivate their unique gifts. Our gifted learning philosophy is grounded in the  research of Joseph Renzulli (1977, 1986). The framework for this model is the belief that when three components come together for a student, it results in accelerated learning, or “giftedness”. 

     A primary vehicle for student exploration and cultivation of their gifts and talents is interest based learning experiences and opportunities. At CCSP, curriculum unit implementation offers student choice opportunities throughout classroom learning experiences. Furthermore, through our 21st Century Grant funding students have the opportunity to choose to participate in a wide variety of after school sports and clubs including: 

    • Robotics
    • CCSP Newspaper
    • Drumline
    • Dance
    • Think Global
    • Sports Center
    • Video Production
    • Musical Theatre
    • Cooking
    • Baking 
    • Fitness
    • Basketball
    • Football
    • Cheerleading
    • Student Mentoring 
    • Debate
    • Sewing 
    • Young Architects
    • Sign Language
    • Chess

     In addition to interest-based learning and enrichment, we believe that students' skill levels may progress at varying rates, and it is our responsibility as educators to provide instruction that matches each student’s zone of proximal development (readiness to learn). We use content-based assessments, including the Measurement of Academic Progress, and a wide array of program and course assessments to ensure classroom learning includes small group instruction aligned to each student’s level of learning.