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Mr. Michael Bussaco

Greetings CCSP Family,

Welcome to another great year at The Community Charter School of Paterson, Middle School Campus. We are proud to announce that we will officially begin this academic year in our new building at 8 Morris Street. The first day for all scholars is Tuesday, September 8, 2020. All scholars will remotely follow their schedule regardless of the model chosen. We will begin welcoming scholars that chose the Hybrid Model on campus starting October 5, 2020. As we get closer to that date more information will be shared.

Additionally, individual schedules will be shared September 2, 2020 - September 4, 2020. They can be picked up at 8 Morris when you come to pick up Chromebooks or come by to have the one you have in your possession repaired. As a reminder, every child should have his/her own chrome book.

COVID precautions

● All CDC protocol will be followed for everyone entering our campus (i.e. masks, 6 ft social distancing & any other required PPE). Masks and/or face shields must be worn in the building.

● Temperatures will be taken upon arrival for ANYONE entering the building.

● Parents and guardians are required to make an appointment to enter the building by contacting Mrs. Davis at or via (862) 267-9070, the main office phone.

● Students will be placed in cohorts and have limited movement throughout the day. Heightened cleaning will take place throughout the day. Building sanitation will take place twice a week. (Wednesdays and over the weekend.)

● Plexiglass or sneeze guards will be installed on all student & teacher desks.

One of our main goals this year is capitalizing on all of the positive climate and culture gains to ensure your child is provided the best educational experience possible and setting the standard of excellence that we implicitly expect of our scholars. To communicate this, we will have:

● examples of desired outcomes and undesired outcomes that are overtly shared with scholars through our mantras known as RISE (Respect, Integrity, Success & Excellence) and PRIDE (Prepared, Respectful and Responsible, Integrity, Determined, & Excellence).

● high-level, thought-provoking answers that are shared by scholars through in-depth discussions.

● higher-level, thought-provoking questions that are asked by the educators.

● lessons and tasks that are designed to lead scholars to expected outcomes by utilizing differentiated instruction.

● educators that believe scholars’ potential for success & routinely communicate this belief.

● educators that do not accept lower level thinking or answers in discussion or academic tasks.

● total classroom environment that endorses a high degree of performance from each scholar.

In addition, below are other important notices at the CCSP Middle School Campus:

Start times – Arrival for “Early Morning Care” scholars begins at 7:10 a.m. All other scholars not participating in Morning Care will be allowed to enter the building beginning at 8:10 a.m. Additional Morning Care information will be provided at our upcoming orientation from Ms. Tilos. School buses will drop our scholars off outside of the front door of the school building every school day. This is only for scholars who chose the Hybrid Model and when that begins.

Arrival - The Middle School is located on Morris Street between Grand St. and Barbour St. Our new building has five floors of offices and classrooms with approximately 10,000 square feet on each floor. Each classroom is oversized and each grade has all of their classes on one floor.

Parents dropping off students, students riding the bus and scholars walking will all arrive at the back of the building where the Main Entrance is located. 5th and 6th graders will line up the west side of the building (closer to Grand St.) and 7th and 8th graders will line up on the east side of the building on the sidewalk near the parking lot (toward Barbour St.)

All students will enter the building through the front entrance where they will have their temperature checked. If their temperature is normal, they will proceed directly to their class using their pre-assigned staircase (5th and 6th graders use staircase 3, 7th and 8th graders use staircase 1.

Transition- In an effort to reduce student transitions and provide safer conditions we are limiting scholar transitions in the building. When students do need to transition, they will only be allowed to walk in one direction in the hallway, following the arrows posted. Only one student will be allowed to leave the room to go to the restroom at a time. Classrooms and other public spaces will be cleaned periodically throughout the day.

Breakfast – No outside food or beverages, excluding water, will be permitted inside the building as CCSP provides breakfast daily to every child. All food attempted to be brought inside the building from outside will be discarded before entering the building. No reimbursement will be provided. Continued attempts by a child will result in a Home for Parent (HfP). Breakfast will be distributed upon arrival to be eaten at their desk during morning advisory. We also have new water fountains that easily fill water bottles.

Lunch – All scholars will remain at school during the lunch period. All scholars are provided with free lunch at school or may bring a packed lunch that MUST be put in your child’s backpack upon entering the building. All scholars will receive a 40-minute lunch break. Scholars will be expected to clear his/her place and dispose of all trash.

Lockers – We will not be using lockers at this time. Scholars are required to purchase a pencil case large enough to house their needed materials (pens, pencils, manipulatives, markers, etc.) as materials cannot be shared.

When we ALL return to full day learning on campus, each scholar will be assigned a locker for his/her individual use. This locker is for storing books, coats, and personal items necessary for school and is the property of CCSP. CCSP will not be liable for personal items left in the lockers so it is strongly encouraged that scholars leave their cell phones and all other expensive items at home, especially since all classrooms have a phone in them. Students who violate the proper use of a locker will lose their locker privileges.

Dismissal – All scholars (remote learning and hybrid) will be dismissed starting at 3:48 p.m. with the exceptions of Wednesday (remote learning) when all scholars will be released at 12:28 P.M. Additionally, we will no longer be utilizing the walker form, as all middle school scholars, except bus scholars, are considered walkers. As such, no scholar will remain in the building unless they are in the ELT After School program so please plan accordingly.

At the end of the school day, students will be dismissed one class at a time and will exit through the door where they lined up at the start of the day (5th and 6th graders at the walkway towards Grand St., 7th and 8th graders on the sidewalk near the teacher’s parking lot).

Parents of scholars who choose to allow their child to wait for them outside of the building (off school grounds) after our dismissal are strongly encouraged to pick their child up on time as there will be no adult supervision outside after 4:00 p.m. and 12:40 p.m. on Wednesday when on campus school resumes. Additionally, CCSP is not liable for any occurrences that happen outside after 4:00 p.m. on full days and 12:40 p.m. on half days, as it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to make arrangements for their child to be picked up in a timely fashion or allow your child to walk home.

Uniforms – Scholars must be in their proper uniform each day and the uniform polo can ONLY be purchased at YNK. Scholars are required to wear BLACK khakis (can be purchased at any store), BLACK shoes (can be purchased at any store), and their designated polo shirt, either long or short sleeved with the CCSP logo based on his/her grade level and for days scholars have gym, they are to wear the CCSP Middle School Gym Uniform that can also be purchased at YNK.

● Polo Colors

o 5th – Green 6th – Orange 7th – Yellow 8th – Blue

*Scholars in all cohorts are required to wear their uniform each day of instruction. (This includes remote learners).

Cell Phones – Are not to be used on campus at all. They must be stored in their backpack at all times. Parents/guardians should not be texting/calling their child while in the building. They MUST call the main office.

Release of Scholars During the School Day – Scholars will only be released to parents/guardians and those listed on the pick up form. Moreover, for the safety of your child, no child will be released without a valid picture identification (this includes parent(s)/guardian(s).)

CCSP Volunteer Requirements – At this time due to the pandemic, there is not a need for in person volunteers.

ELT – Plans will be shared by the Community Schools Department.

Scholar ID Cards – Scholar ID cards will be issued to each scholar within 4-5 weeks after picture day. The first ID card for the year will be free. ID Cards MUST be worn at all times with the picture facing forward. This card allows scholars to attend school-sponsored functions and the scholar may be asked to show and use the ID card in order to get breakfast and lunch. If you lose your ID card, go to the main office before or after school to purchase a new one. The cost is $5.00.

8th Grade Scholar Dues – Scholar Dues in the amount of $240.00 per scholar are required for all 8th Graders. Should traveling restrictions change, this cost does NOT include the optional grade level trips in May & June. There will be no reimbursement of dues if your child is deemed ineligible to attend end of year activities/events because of his/her negative behavioral choices during the academic year. Additionally, there will be several parent/guardian meetings that take place prior to this becoming an option. Moreover, these dues are exclusive of fees for school field trips and dress down days throughout the year, excluding the end of the year grade level field trips and field day. All dues are to be submitted to Ms. Keisha Smith or Mrs. Tamika Davis ONLY and this is due by Friday, 12/4/2020. Please ensure your child provides you with the receipt that will be given to your child once he/she submits the scholar dues.

Attendance Improvement Policy for scholars – We all know that when scholars miss too much school— regardless of the reason – it can cause them to fall behind academically and your child is less likely to succeed if he or she is chronically absent. Research shows: by 6th grade, chronic absence is a proven early warning sign for scholars at risk for dropping out of school and by 9th grade, good attendance can predict graduation rates even better than 8th grade test scores. To ensure your child is receiving the best educational experience possible please ensure that your child reports to school daily and on time; this also includes virtual/remote scholars.

Remote Learning Expectations - All scholars are required to demonstrate learning readiness by attending each remote session wearing their school uniform polo and computer screens ON. A uniform background will be provided by the district and scholars are required to display this background during all remote sessions. Scholars will be following the same individual schedules as they do/would on campus. All scholars are required to log into their class sessions on time at the start of each class period. ATTENDANCE WILL BE TAKEN AND RECORDED! In addition, all scholars will receive a lunch period so there is no eating on camera permitted.

Celebrating Positive Behavior in Schools – The merit/demerit system known as Class Dojo is a guide of discipline and rewards for fifth through eighth grade scholars at CCSP. The faculty and staff expect scholars to maintain the highest standards of behavior at all times and will hold them accountable for maintaining these standards. Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct and regulations will result in the issuing of demerits and/or other disciplinary actions that will exclude your scholar from attending events. It is also required that you follow our school and your scholar on Class Dojo.

Chromebook – All students are required to take care of their assigned Chromebook. Any damages to the Chromebook will result in a cost for repair by the parent and/or a new Chromebook. Also, scholars are to use the Chromebook for educational purposes only and any scholar who uses it otherwise will lose their privileges. Please ensure that you discuss with your scholar the importance of taking care of items in their possession and adhering to the CCSP Technology Policy and Agreement. Chromebooks are monitored remotely for inappropriate usage. Students found to be visiting inappropriate websites, sending inappropriate messages or other inappropriate use of the Chromebook will be subject to consequences outlined in our Student Handbook.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Marking Period 1: November 18, 2020, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Marking Period 2: January 20, 2021, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Marking Period 3: April 21, 2021, from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Power of Positive Communication – Most importantly, please know that while our doors are always open and we value the opportunity to visit with our families, you must schedule time to visit with school staff should you have any questions or concerns as we are unable to meet without a scheduled appointment. We want your child’s educational experience with us to be top notch and that takes teamwork between home and school. You are their first teacher and we are pleased to have the opportunity to work with your family along this journey.

Back to School Night – On Wednesday, September 16, 2020 all parents and guardians are invited to attend our virtual Back to School Night. This event is an opportunity to meet all of your child’s teachers as you follow their schedule. Moreover, at this event, teachers will provide parents/guardians with a brief introduction of their policies, procedures, and expectations. For those unable to make this event, the video will be posted to our YouTube Channel. You can locate this channel by searching CCSP Middle School - YouTube.

We look forward to an enriching and exciting school year, as well as fostering a strong community involvement in the education of our scholars. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.



Mr. Bussacco
Middle School Campus Principal
Community Charter School of Paterson