CCSP Mission

  • Previous Mission Statement  
    The mission of the Community Charter School of Paterson is to inspire and empower its children, families and staff with opportunities to positively shape and transform their lives by becoming successful, life-long learners who possess critical thinking, academic, advocacy and leadership skills required to open new doors in their lives and the lives of others. 

    Newly Adopted Mission Statement
    The mission of the Community Charter School of Paterson (CCSP) is Together with families and community partners, we cultivate inclusive, high performing schools that prepare scholars to succeed in college, career and beyond.

    Founded as a full-service community school, it is central to our mission that we provide each key stakeholder group (scholars, staff, families) with opportunities to grow academically, personally and professionally. CCSP cultivates an environment that is safe and provides supportive resources for all students including students that may need additional support. It is our core belief that all students have a tremendous potential for success through experiential learning opportunities. This is inclusive of our special education and English Language Learner population. Our goal is to remove barriers to access and opportunity in order to increase academic achievement.